NEW   -   Slides: Effective homology: perturbation lemma and applications
Title: Effective homology: perturbation lemma and applications
Lecturer: Julio Rubio - University of La Rioja
Abstract:  In the talk we will review the main algorithmic techniques underlying the Kenzo computer algebra system, with an emphasis in the interplay between effective homology and perturbation methods. At the end of the talk we will present some recent applications to the homology of groups and to the processing of biomedical images.
Title: Persistent homology for complex network analysis
Lecturer: Francesco Vaccarino - Politecnico di Torino
Abstract: We will introduce our recent results on the use of persistent homology in the field of complex networks. In particular we will show that, by filtering on weighted graph, persistence is capable to discriminate various kind of networks with an application to the analysis of the variation of the brain functional connectome under the influence of psychedelic drugs. We, furthermore give account of our theorem which shows that a persistence module on a finite poset P can be obtained from the filtration of a graph weighted over P.
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