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Homology: Theoretical and Computational Aspects

February 9-13, 2015

 With Herbert Edelsbrunner, Bruno Benedetti, Massimo Ferri, Claudia Landi and Patrizio Frosini


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The HTCA School is an international event for young researchers in mathematics and computer science operating in the fields of algebraic topology, commutative algebra, computational geometry, shape modeling and analysis, and machine learning. The HTCA school focuses on computational topology, a new discipline at the crossroad  between mathematics and computer science, originating from a development in a computational sense of algebraic topology.

The specific topics of the HTCA School are simplicial and persistent homology, and discrete Morse theory, and  their applications in different contexts, such as image  analysis, bioinformatics, visualization and analysis of scientific data. The expected  impact is to promote  a discrete approach based on topology as a tool for data analysis  useful to manage the intrinsic complexity of data, and to strengthen and create new skills in computational topology.

The school is mainly addressed to young researchers and PhD students in  mathematics and computer science with interest in this topics and their applications. The school is organized as three short courses  held by top experts in the various aspects of computational topology, each consisting of lectures and lab activities which will give the participants also the opportunity of working on joint projects and interacting with the invited experts. Sessions are planned in which participants will present their research activities in the form of short oral or poster presentations.

The school is jointly organized by the Department of Computer Science, Bioinformatics, Robotics and Systems Engineering (DIBRIS) and by the Department of Mathematics (DIMA) of the University Genova, and specifically by the Commutative Algebra  group at  DIMA and by the Graphics and Geometry group at DIBRIS.


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